Jamie Watson is someone who will make you amazed at what an individual can achieve. It may give you inspiration to push yourself up a gear when it comes to your sport.
Jamie has been training at our swimming in Aberdeen since we started a number of years ago. He always helps at our events volunteering, often timing the running at our busy biathlon events.
Having trained hard all season, competing in a number of extreme cycling sportiff”s and triathlon in Scotland and England, it all came together for Jamie on Sunday 23rd August. Jamie took part in the Copenhagen Ironman Triathlon along with fellow SSMPC member Gavin Prise. Both finished the long distance triathlon by smashing their PB's. Jamie's time of 10 hours 47 minutes saw him finish in 2nd place in his age group and achieving a qualifying spot for the world championships in Kona...now if you do triathlon, everyone wants to qualify for Kona so this is a massive achievement in itself. However, this is not all. A week later, Jamie traveled to Austria as he had already qualified for the middle distance world championships. Having had no recovery time from Copenhagen, he completed the course in scorching weather in just over 5 and a half hours.
For most people, after this, they may have a few month off but now Jamie has his sights set on Kona in October and has an entry in for Ironman Phoenix in November.
Jamie, you are an inspiration.