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Competition Starts and Points System Change

Posted by Gavin Prise on Tuesday, January 21, 2014,
The competition season is already underway with the first selection competition held in Bath on 11th and 12th Jan. Fantastic start from Jo Muir who finished in second place. See results at
The new points system was in place (Yes, another change to the rules!). Everything has effectively been divided by 4 so in the CE, 1 point equals 1 second, 3 points is one second in the swim and maximum points in the ride is 300 points instead of the...

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Membership Renewal

Posted by Gavin Prise on Tuesday, January 21, 2014,
Happy New Year to all SSMPC members. Membership for 2014 is now due. It only costs £5 if you join/renew before the end of Jan. Thanks to all those who have already sent in their form. You can download the 2014 form here

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Youth D's who competed at the Youth Pentathlon Championships in Solihull on 22/23 June. Steph Craig, Poppy Drysdale and Corry Hay took the YDG team award for SSMPC. Also in the picture is YDB Ryan Gauld and Stevie Mason who was team coach for the event.  

Above; Eilidh, Kerry and Jo with Michel wait for their ride at Junior Europeans and with Istvan Nemeth after receiving their silver medal. 

 The newly formed SSMPC Stewartry Branch in Dumfries and Galloway with their sponcers, Craig Smith fencing with Poppy Drysdale, Gemma Craig, Julie Smith, Lauren Craig, Amelia Craig and Jessica McCulloch. 


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