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Scottish Pentathlon Championships 11th / 12th Feb 2012 - Gail's report

Posted by Gavin Prise on Tuesday, February 28, 2012,
Five brave Scottish Saltires members turned out to compete at the Scottish Championships hosted by Pentathlon Scotland in Aberdeen. I say brave, because for most, it was their first Pentathlon and this time we were without our coach Trish. Sadly, due to a clash of dates, Trish was in Gloucestershire with a team at the youth selection competition, but I went along as moral support to our team. Fortunately for all concerned, Freyja had a last minute engagement in Aberdeen and I was able to rope...

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GB National Youth Selection Competition 1

Posted by Gavin Prise on Wednesday, February 22, 2012,
Five SSMPC members took part in the first of two youth selection competitions. 
A big entry of 35 in the girls Youth A (U19) proved to be a very competitive event. Eilidh Prise, Jo Muir and Rachel Smith all swam and fenced well with Eilidh getting a PB in the swim and Rachel a PB in the fence scoring 880 points. Despite Jo having a bad cold, she finished the swim and fence with just under 2000 points. Christopher Liechti and Michael Craig had a strong swim with Chris producing a PB. It was the...
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GB Team Selections, Feb, 2012

Posted by Gavin Prise on Monday, February 6, 2012,

Congratulations to four SSMPC members who have been selected to represent GB at international competitions. Freyja Prentice, world cup 1 and 2, Kerry Prise, Hungarian indoor championships, and Budapest cup,Kate Fowlie and Joanna Muir, International for women, Switzerland will compete in February and March. Details

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Youth D's who competed at the Youth Pentathlon Championships in Solihull on 22/23 June. Steph Craig, Poppy Drysdale and Corry Hay took the YDG team award for SSMPC. Also in the picture is YDB Ryan Gauld and Stevie Mason who was team coach for the event.  

Above; Eilidh, Kerry and Jo with Michel wait for their ride at Junior Europeans and with Istvan Nemeth after receiving their silver medal. 

 The newly formed SSMPC Stewartry Branch in Dumfries and Galloway with their sponcers, Craig Smith fencing with Poppy Drysdale, Gemma Craig, Julie Smith, Lauren Craig, Amelia Craig and Jessica McCulloch. 


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